Men vs Women (in relationships)


I would like to start this post by disappointing everyone, so I can give you the good news later. So… Why do relationships fail? A question with many answers. Relationships end because of not expressing freely ones thoughts and feelings(in a nutshell). This includes both men and women. There is no guilty-free gender here. I will be as explicit as I can in describing what happens when relationships end or when people lose interest, or even why they have affairs.

Men have this ideal in their mind, it is called the “Ideal Woman”(IW). Every single man on this planet knows what his ideal woman looks, smells, feels, sounds, walks, talks like. Sadly, for every man out there, this woman does NOT exist. Using images and character traits of women a man has seen, or met, in his life, he creates this perfect being which lives inside his head and pops…

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